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Welcome to the website for anodised coloured aluminium for external facades using the SANDALOR® procedure.

25 weatherproof colours.
Preservation of the metallic features.

How does the Sandalor® colouring procedure work?

The Sandalor® procedure is a colouring procedure for anodised aluminium which has been developed especially for architecture. The Sandalor® procedure is suitable for both external applications and other fields of use. Like all anodised finishing procedures, the metallic character of the aluminium is preserved.

The Sandalor® colouring procedure has three stages:
  1. Anodising process
  2. Electrolytic colouring
  3. Adsorptive colouring with lightproof and weatherproof colours

This means the positive features of anodised aluminium are combined with a multitude of colour shades.


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Further information can be obtained by a licensee in your area.
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