Properties of aluminium coloured using the Sandalor® procedure

» Tried-and-tested anodised colour coatings
» Corrosion resistance
» Colour retention
» Decorative consistency
» Quality

Why use anodised coloured aluminium in external architecture?

This procedure offers architects, engineers, metalworkers and building owners new colour design options for aluminium facades, without having to lose the metallic character of aluminium.

The special requirements of external architecture are completely fulfilled. Existing structures will testify to the procedure's resistance to light and weather influences. These are documented through long-term outdoor exposure inspections.

This means the positive features of anodised aluminium are combined with a multitude of colour shades. The metallic character of the aluminium and the surface finishes achieved during the pre-treatment are maintained. The Sandalor® procedure gives a very exclusive appearance to an aluminium facade.

The anodised coating is formed from the base material and is externally resistant to environmental influences. If maintained correctly, this conserves the value of aluminium constructions for decades.

The colours are embedded in the pores of the anodised coating, which are then sealed during the compression process. For the Sandalor® procedure, only colours with outstanding colour retention and weatherproof properties are used.

The decorative appearance and metallic character of aluminium constructions coloured using Sandalor® are preserved for decades when cleaned properly.

The Sandalor® colouring procedure can only be carried out by Sandalor® licensees. The relevant system technology and management systems are necessary for this.