The finished colored aluminum
during drying | E6 | S140-0

The SANDALOR®-procedure

SANDALOR® – a colouring procedure for anodised aluminium – has been developed especially for architecture. All positive properties of anodised aluminium are combined with a wide range of colours, while keeping the desired metallic appearance.


  • Excellent light and corrosion resistance
  • Aluminium retains its metallic character
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Interplay of colours and light
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning costs

This means the positive features of anodised aluminium are combined with a multitude of colour shades.

Different structures can be created on the aluminium surface by pickling or grinding.

Possibilities of pretreatment

The pre-treatment

With the SANDALOR® procedure, anodised surfaces can be dyed a different colour. The colourful shades that are created in this way and are suitable for external use lead to very attractive metallic and colourful surfaces due to the retained original aluminium character, depending on the exposure to light. In accordance with your requirements, a mechanical pre-treatment can influence the surface finish.

  • E0 Degreasing and deoxidation
  • E1 Grinding
  • E2 Brushing
  • E3 Polishing
  • E4 Grinding and brushing
  • E5 Grinding and polishing
  • E6 Chemical etching

Quality control


Why use anodised coloured aluminium in external architecture?

This procedure offers architects, engineers, metalworkers and building owners new colour design options for aluminium facades, without having to lose the metallic character of aluminium.

The special requirements of external architecture are completely fulfilled. Existing structures will testify to the procedure's resistance to light and weather influences. These are documented through long-term outdoor exposure inspections.